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Loyalty Card

1. Receive ONE coupon sticker when you spend over $60.00 in one transaction.
i) The term one transaction means either the dine-in bill or take-away purchase, or both, with a total spending amount that is equal to, or over $60.00.

2. In situations whereby dine-in patrons decide on separate billing, only the ONE coupon sticker will be awarded to one Chin’s Loyalty Card holder

3. Collect all NINE coupon stickers to receive your reward, which is a $50.00 discount on your next visit. Redeem by presenting us your completed Chin’s Loyalty Card.

4. Coupon stickers remain the property of Chin’s Noodle House.

5. Coupon stickers are copyright by Chin’s Noodle House.

6. To redeem the $50.00 discount. Chin’s Loyalty Card must be completed, meaning all NINE coupon stickers are collected. The Chin’s Loyalty Card must then be presented and received by a Chin’s Noodle House employee who will then check your Card and approve the $50.00 discount.

7. The $50.00 discount cannot be exchanged for cash. The whole $50.00 discount amount must be used in one meal transaction visit. No credit will be given for any remaining amount.

8. The $50.00 discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or discounts already given.

9. Should there be any dispute on transactions concerning the awarding of Coupon Stickers or that of the Chin’s Loyalty Card; the decision by employees of Chin’s Noodle House is final.

10. Completed and redeemed Chin’s Loyalty Card, remains the property of Chin’s Noodle House and cannot be reused.

11. Chin’s Loyalty Card is copyright by Chin’s Noodle House.
12. Coupon stickers are not transferable, refundable in cash or replaceable if lost, destroyed or stolen.

13. Chin’s Loyalty Card is not refundable in cash or replaceable if lost, destroyed or stolen.
14. Chin’s Noodle House accepts no liability or responsibility for misuse of the Chin’s Loyalty Card.

15. Illegal counterfeiting of Coupon Stickers and tampering of the Chin’s Loyalty Card will result in cancellation of your Card.

16. Chin’s Noodle House reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.

17. Chin’s Noodle House reserves the right to terminate the Chin’s Loyalty Card promotion without prior notice.